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Recolit is a pixel art puzzle-adventure game where you search for lights in a town where night never ends.

Your spaceship crushes, and you find yourself in a dark town that looks just like any other, but that has something different about it. Its people go about their daily lives as if nothing was off, even though the sky above their heads is always black.

This person wants something to drink. This other person wants to play with a pigeon.
As you help them with these little, trivial things, you advance toward what really matters.

And then, the mysterious girl you met along the way tells you something:

"All right. I'll wait for you."




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How long does it take to complete Recolit?
About 2 to 4 hours.
Is there anything scary in Recolit?
There are no jumpscares, deaths, or any other particularly scary moments.
However, Recolit is full of dark spaces, and it contains some expressions that might make some people slightly uncomfortable.
Does Recolit have multiple endings?
There are two endings, but you can see them both without making extra save files or anything like that.

Streaming Guidelines

Streaming Recolit's gameplay is generally allowed as long as it follows the guidelines below. Monetization through streaming platforms is also permitted.
* These guidelines are subject to change or addition without prior notice.

Please do:

  • Limit the streaming to up to the end of stage 2, the station.
    * In the near future, we will allow for the whole game to be streamed. Please check these guidelines to know up to which point you can stream Recolit.
  • If there is a description box, please include the name of the game and the link to the official website:
    Recolit *
    * You can also link to the game's store pages.
    * We'd be happy if you could point toward those during the stream.
  • Incorporate elements that showcase your own creativity.
    * Excluding short videos of a few minutes or a few still images for the simple sharing of gameplay.
    * We expect unique elements such as adding commentary through audio or subtitles, or editing videos to create original content.

Please don't:

  • Stream individual elements (video, images, audio, etc.) from the game.
  • Stream content intended for defamation or harassment.
  • Use modified or illegally obtained versions of the game.
  • Stream content that goes against public morals or ethics outside of what is already in the game.
  • Stream content that violates the law.
  • Stream content that violates the guidelines set by the streaming platforms.

Derivate Works Guidelines

Derivative works based on Recolit are generally allowed as long as they follow the guidelines below.
* These guidelines are subject to change or addition without prior notice.
* Corporations are exempt from these guidelines. Please consult separately.

You can:

  • Produce, publish, and sell derivative works.
  • Host events for the purpose of publishing and selling derivative works.

You can't:

  • Use copyrighted materials from the game and related content.
  • Misrepresent your work so that it could be misconstrued as official.
  • Create content that includes excessive sexual expression or violent depictions.
  • Create content that includes specific ideologies, religious or political content.
  • Create content that significantly damages the reputation or image of the creators and characters.
  • Create content that harms the honor or dignity of third parties or infringes upon their rights.


  • Muji - Director
  • Marudice - Programming & Game Design Support

Press kit

Feel free to use these materials in your articles or videos about Recolit.
Download (Google Drive)


Please make any reports about the game in the Steam Community or the Discord server.